Basic Dog Care

Dog Food: Since food is the main source of your dog's nutrition, it should be chosen with care. There are many formulated dog foods available on the market - choose quality ones only. If homemade dog food is to be provided, consult with your veterinarian first to ensure they are right for your dog. Reward biscuits, flavored bone biscuits, and other types of treats can also be bought from pet stores. An assortment of food supplements are available, but seek your veterinarian's approval first before giving them to your pet.

Dog Bowl: Feeding and water bowls vary in materials and cost. The most commonly used materials are glass, ceramic, stainless, and plastic. If you have a small-sized dog or a short-nosed dog, a shallow dog bowl will ensure your dog get to his food without damaging his neck. If you have long-nosed dog, a deep bowl is the perfect shape. For long-eared dogs, choose a steep-sided bowl.

Dog House: Dog houses come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and configurations. There are outdoor and indoor dog houses, but if you intend to keep your dogs indoor, houses are optional. Indoor dog houses are typically made of plastic, while outdoor dog houses are made of plastic or wood. Dog houses should be roomy enough for your pet. Some manufacturers also sell climate or temperature controls for dog houses to help your dog remain comfortable no matter the climatic condition.

Dog Bed: There are many types of dog beds available, ranging from heater to orthopedic and designer beds. Style, however, should be a secondary consideration when choosing a bed for your dog. What's more important is that they are sized right and your dog feels comfortable using it.



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