Physical Maintenance

Dogs need exercise, and walking is the most common way of giving them the physical activity. To restrain dogs from running or wandering around or prevent them from being run over, use a dog leash. Leather leashes are the most expensive type of dog leash, but they are very durable and do not burn your hand when your dog lunges. If you are looking for a cheap leash, there are also plenty of synthe...


Basic Dog Care

Dog Food: Since food is the main source of your dog's nutrition, it should be chosen with care. There are many formulated dog foods available on the market - choose quality ones only. If homemade dog food is to be provided, consult with your veterinarian first to ensure they are right for your dog. Reward biscuits, flavored bone biscuits, and other types of treats can also be bought from pet...


Dog Health Care

Like humans, dogs can become ill or acquire diseases. Breeding-purposes aside, keeping your dog healthy is part of your responsibility as a pet owner. A healthy dog does not only make a happy pet, it is more likely to produce a healthy offspring. Veterinarians are to dogs as physicians are to humans, so you should get one for your dog. The veterinarian should be able to provide appropriate treat...


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