Physical Maintenance

Dogs need exercise, and walking is the most common way of giving them the physical activity. To restrain dogs from running or wandering around or prevent them from being run over, use a dog leash. Leather leashes are the most expensive type of dog leash, but they are very durable and do not burn your hand when your dog lunges. If you are looking for a cheap leash, there are also plenty of synthetic options in the market. If your dog is a chewer, a metal leash will discourage them from doing it.

Another way to encourage exercise is to give your pet a dog toy. A dog toy's primary function is to provide enjoyment for your pet so they don't get bored. It's a fun way of getting them to move around, which makes toys medically good for dogs. Soft plush toys, rope and pull toys, rubber toys (for chewers), retrieving toys, and balls are some of the most common dog toys. Some pets also enjoy playing Frisbee or catching nylon disks.

Like humans, dogs need basic grooming, too. To keep your dog looking good and smelling nice all the time, you need to give your pet a regular bath. Shampoos and conditioners are the only bathing essentials you need. Brushing will their hair looking shiny and prevent forming of hair balls and excessive shedding. Bristle brushes work well for most types and lengths of hair. For medium-length hair, use wire pin brush, and for dogs with mats and tangles, use a slicker brush or a matbreaker. For ear care, ear cleansers, ear powder, and cotton balls are the supplies you need.



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