Selecting a Dog Breed

Purebred Dogs: Purebreds are developed through selective breeding in order to produce a specific traits or looks. Because they are bred from dogs with specific traits, purebreds closely resemble other dogs of the same breed. They are quite predictable in terms of physical characteristics, temperament, and even potential health problems, which make them the ideal choice for novice dog breeders. Purebred dogs are topnotch breeds, as their breeder takes great care in screening parents with regards to their pedigree and health history. If you are looking for a dog with a specific skill, such as hunting, herding sheep, or chasing pheasants or if you are looking for a dog to compete in championship dog shows, then you should go with a purebred dog.

Mixed Breed Dogs/Crossbred Dogs: Mixed breed dogs are the offspring of two different breeds. Mixed breed dogs tend to exhibit more moderate temperaments than purebred dogs. Because they are not "programmed" or "designed" to exhibit particular traits or skills, they tend to be more adaptable and flexible, easily adjusting to any household or living conditions. Crossbred dogs, a sub-type of mixed breed dogs, are produced by mating purebred dogs of different breeds. As such, they have been (rather condescendingly) called designer dogs. Some crossbred dogs are produced by accident. A famous example is the mating of Queen Elizabeth II's Corgis with her sister's Daschund, producing a new breed of dog called Dorgis. Most are products of intentional breeding. Famous examples are Peekapoo (mix of Pekingese and Poodle), Labradoodles (mix of Labrador and Poodles), Schnoodle (mix of Miniature Schauzer and Poodle) and Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever and Poodles).



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