What is the difference between a backyard breeder and a hobby breeder?

A backyard breeder may have some pet dogs that they deliberately breed or just allow their dogs to breed naturally. They have no clear understanding of canine genetics, health history, pedigrees, and health issues. They do are not concerned about breed standard when finding mates - any dog will do. Genetic testing is a strange concept to them. Dogs and pups are fed grocery store dog foods, not premium dog food. Some backyard breeders even end up as puppy miller, someone who see dogs simply as "breeding machines" and whose sole motivation for breeding dogs is to earn profit.

The hobby breeder, on the other hand, takes the time to learn every facet of dog breed - genetics, health history, defects, ancestry, etc. - and every facet of dog breeding - "heat", mating season, gestation, etc. Their goal is to produce superior dogs in terms of health, looks, and ability. They don't breed just any dog. The carefully choose their studs and rams, breeding only quality dogs that meet breed standards, healthy, and with stable temperaments. They are dedicated in improving their breeding ability, which is why they join dog clubs, organizations. The backyard breeder has no such affiliations. They constantly read dog-related books and join trainings and seminars.

You will find in dog championship shows competing for titles or certifications in herding, tracking, obedience, agility, etc. They have documentations to prove a pedigree. When you buy a pup from them, they will give the time to inform you the proper training, exercise, and food that will best meet the breed's health and social needs.



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