Where can I buy a quality dog for breeding?

So you have decided to breed a dog. You've evaluated your options. You know exactly what you are looking for, and now you're ready to find your dog. There are many places to look from. Hobby breeders, casual breeders, backyard breeders, puppy mills all produce dogs. If you are looking for quality breeds, a fellow hobby breeder is the best person for the job. Some hobby breeders specialize in purebreds only, while some are into mixed breeds or crossbreds.

Your first task is to find breeders who deal in your desired breed. Vets, dog clubs or associations, and friends may be able to point towards the right direction. Not all who advertise themselves as hobby breeder are what they say they are. The next step is to find the reputable dog breeders from the dishonest ones. Check the credentials and certifications of the breeders in your list.

Chat with all breeders, asking each questions such as, Do they belong to any club? How long they have been in the breeding business? Can they show you documentations to prove a pedigree? What have they done to reduce genetic defects in their pups? Finally, visit the breeder's facility to get a feel for how they breed and care for their dogs.

If the breeder inquires how you will provide a good home for the dog, that is also a sign of a good breeder. Real hobby breeders don't just sell their pups to anyone who show up at their door with a load of cash. They want to know you will treat their dog well as much as they do.



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